Monday, September 27, 2010

My weekend

So, despite the fact that our weekend had a funeral right in the middle of it, it was still pretty nice. On Friday, we had Dave and Karen and Sherman over, and we all played some "What were you thinking?". Oops, I mean "What were you thinking!!!!!111ONE". I knew that it was published by Wizards of the Coast, but I assumed that they did so before Magic really took off, but a little research tells me that it came out in 1998.

It's a fun little game. You get a question, say, "Name five things that are blue" and you get points based on the number of people who have the same answer. For instance, if you said "the sky", and 5 other people also gave that answer, each person would get six points for it. If you said "the sea" and only three other people agreed with you, you'd get four points.

It's kind of neat, because there are True or False questions. "True or False, The Amazon is the longest river in the world?" and it doesn't matter if you get the question right or wrong, only that you're in the majority. In that sense, it's kind of like American politics.

We were playing with Sherman who is color blind, so when we got the the question "Name five things that are yellow," his list read like, the sky, oranges, the color red, pickles and Michael Jackson.

I put together a playlist of random stuff on the computer. I think I have must have introduced more than five songs with the line, "This is the best song ever! I heard it on public radio!" Jen's eyes were getting a considerable workout.

Jen's sister showed up on Thursday afternoon, and we had a pretty good time. They staged this elaborate Cinderalla role-playing thing, where Lily was Cinderella and I was the prince and Jen and her sister were the wicked stepsisters. Lily really enjoyed it.

Earlier that day, the little girl next door saw Jen and Lily when they were coming into the house. She kept saying "Hi, Lily! Hi, Lily!" and Lily turned to Jen and said, "She's kinda freakin' me out." It turns out that Lily was making a Kim Possible reference, which makes that line even more awesome.

On Saturday, we had my aunt's funeral. It was held in a small Catholic cemetery that seems to be the final resting place of just about every relative I've ever had. The service was fine. The pastor made some noises about Mickey coming back to the church, but I don't know what was going on there. Perhaps she had to be a member of the faith to be eligible to be buried there.

We looked at my grandfather's grave for a while and I noticed that my Grammy's name was already inscribed on the headstone. And I guess that's somewhat convenient for whatever party has to do the engraving, but I don't think that offsets how fucking terrifying it must be to look at a tombstone and see your own name.

On Sunday, we went to the Celtic Classic. I drove up with Dave and we met Jen and Lily and Sherman and Karen up there. It's a shame that we didn't think to invite the Lord until we were already up there. It was neat getting together with friends, but Dave pointed out that that when you get down to brass tacks, the Celtic Classic doesn't really have a huge amount of appeal. You can overpay for beer or fried X on a stick, but mostly it's just huge crowds and dudes in kilts and too much noise to hold a conversation. Dave and I parked at Martin Tower where I used to work, and walked the mile and a half there. We both commented that we had more fun on the walk than at the festival. Not that we had a bad time while we were there, mind you. We just had a better time shooting the breeze on our walk. For instance, I was telling him about the time Jen picked about a metal tent stake and we both had the same thought, that it would be ideal if she needed to kill a robot vampire.

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