Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eat Fruit or Die

I thought I'd post some family stuff for a change, since I've been emphasizing the review blogging pretty heavily for the past couple days.

We went to the airport on Lily's birthday, after I got home from work. We use Allegient when we fly to my mom's house. They're a discount carrier that typically services small airports, and we're very lucky that they have a route from the tiny airport near our house to the tiny airport near my mom's house.

Jen thought Lily would enjoy a trip up to airport to buy the tickets and she was right. She took an early bath and dressed up in her galoshes and birthday frog pajamas and we took off. When we got there Lily quickly became obsessed with the chiclet gum in the Kiwanis vending machine. We let her have some, since she was now a big girl of four years old. She enjoyed seeing the airplanes and riding the escalators, and I mostly kept an eye on her while Jen bought the tickets.

Speaking of Grammy Kathy, Lily got a birthday present in the mail from her Grammy. It was a Flitter Fairy, something I was actually thinking of getting for Lily myself, but as Think Geek was out of the birthday candles that burn in different colors.

It's a neat little thing and Lily loved having a fairy to play with her other dolls. The wings even flap, so, bonus! For my part, I have to wonder about the strange turns my life has taken that I'm reading assembly instructions that reference "fairy silk".

Later that night, Lily had a bad dream, so I went to her. I was already awake anyway. She dreamed that she lost Baby Bear, which is kind of funny, because she already lost Baby Bear three times, and we're on our third replacement. But I told her Baby Bear was right there in the bed, and she snuggled up with Baby Bear and said "There you go, girl. You're safe with me. Be sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables so you can stay young forever and never die."

I was like, "Uh huh, sweet dreams." I wonder if she's sharing this with her little school friends. "Eat the rest of your carrots, Chase or you're going to die!"

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