Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back from Florida

We're now back from our Florida trip. It was pretty decent. It had been two years since we'd been down to see my mom. Mom is an insanely good cook and she cooked us a gourmet meal for every night we were down there. Lily complimented Grammy Kathy on the few things she didn't make, like the applesauce and lo mein. Heh.

Aside from the visit to Disney, which will be covered in a later post, it was a low impact visit. We stuffed ourselves, we hung out, we went to the park we did some swimming. We watched a lot of cooking shows and the Muppet Christmas Carol (which rocks). Lily had a really good time painting ornaments with mom. At first she was slow to warm to Grammy Kathy, but after a while she was telling her "Don't tell the kittens, but I love you more than I love them."

We hit a bunch of thrift shops in our travels. I picked up a little kid-sized Ariel chair. Lily loved it at first sight and she was very mature when I told her that we wouldn't be able to take it back home; that it would be a special chair just for at Grammy Kathy's. In fact, she was pretty good for almost the entire trip.

At one point, Lily was on the potty, and while she can sit on it without a trainer seat, she's still not as big as an adult, so there is the potential that she might fall partway through the seat. She said as much when I popped my head in to check on her.

Lily: I was worried that I might fall through the toilet and get stuck in the pipes.
Me: No, you're too big. The worst that might happen is that you'd get a little wet.
Lily: What if I was a baby? Would I be small enough to get stuck in the pipes then?
Me: No, even babies are too big to get stuck by the time they are born.
Lily: What about little babies before the daddy puts them in the mommy? Are they small enough to get stuck then?
Me: *blink* ...I am not ready to have this conversation now.

Moving on...

When I went to the store with mom to pick up some last minute ingredients, she wrote a check for her grocery order. Presumably she also uses them to buy Madonna cassingles. Things are great in 1986! Thanks for asking!

Back in a while with an account of the trip to Disney World and my review of Tangled.

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