Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Star Wars Campaign Log, Part Two

This is the second part of my Star Wars campaign log. The first installment can be found here.

Part Five

Early in the game, Eric had started describing one of the aliens as a kind of regal looking eagle, and I said "Oh, like Sam the Eagle from the Muppets", and Frederick said "Man, the Muppets sure come up a lot during Star Wars games", and both Eric and I said "No, just in our Star Wars games" at the same time.

We were extra heroic that night. We, uh, fixed a baseball game. Well, a shockball game. Apparently it's the Star Wars version of baseball and very popular in the setting. Palpatine throws out the first pitch or something. That lead to a lot of jokes of the Emperor sitting in the stands with a big foam finger and one of those hats with the beer cans on top.  The star player for the Rancors, Hron, had reneged on a deal to throw the game and it was our mission to take him out of the picture, "discretely".

Our idea of discretion was to sneak into the locker room with forged press passes, under the names Clark Kent, Jimmy Olson, Perry White and Lex Luthor, steal some sedatives from the medical droid, stuff an ewok into the doctor's bag with the drugs, get close to Hron by asking him "Have you stopped beating your underage mistress yet?", and then inject him with the sedatives when he answered. (His answer was , No, he doesn't, and he likes to work himself into a frenzy watching snuff films before the game.)  With our reward money we bought more guns for the ship, baby gates to keep the jawa from getting around the ship, and, errr...a mail order bride for the ship's captain. Yup, I sure feel heroic.

Part Six

Played Star Wars this Friday. Brought Ancker along and we had the best time we've had in ages. It may be the most fun I've ever had role-playing, and I've been in the hobby on and off since I was twelve. We were trying to rescue some prisoners, but ran afoul of a Dark Jedi at a press conference. He noticed us in the crowd, and started chasing us down the hallway. I played Yakety Sax (the Benny Hill theme) on my cell phone as we ran away. He threw a landspeeder on top of me and decapitated our Ewok. (The Ewok was disguised as a Jawa. I think they knew that we have a Jawa Jedi, so, on reflection, that might have been a poor choice of a disguise.)

Normally the death of an Ewok is a time to rejoice, but since he was buying time for my character to escape, I'm going to forgo cheering about it just now.

Part Seven

In this session, some Cthuloid entity crushed our spaceship. Eric was using some of my ideas from my "The Stars are Right Wars" pitch and that was a lot of fun.There was an amusing moment (well, amusing to me) when it looked like Frederick's character wasn't going to abandon his post in the turret and I mumbled a line from The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner ("When I died they washed me out of the turret with a hose"), but nobody got the reference but Bob. We put on our vac suits and did a spacewalk out to the Imperial Ship that was summoning the thing, and fought our way to the bridge. Neat adventure, lots of fighting. I don't think I made a single skill check all night. The stormtroopers were laughing my marksmanship.

Part Eight

We played Star Wars again this Friday. It went pretty well. Captain Morgan turned out to be the long lost relative of some Baron who just died and we all went to the moon where they were reading the will. They invited us to go hunting, but then they turned around and poo-pooed our suggestion to use our ship's guns. Nobles are such a bunch of snobs, I tell ya!

It turned into a pretty standard murder mystery at this point, but it was fun, even if there were only three suspects and we couldn't remember any of their names. We called them "Gaston" and "Lady Bigtop". The third guy who was such a non-entity that he didn't get a nickname.

The game kind of petered out at the point due to disparate schedules and other reasons, but it was an enormous amount of fun when it lasted. There is occasional talk of a reboot, but Eric keeps threatening to use Savage Worlds which I find neither fast nor fun (though it does make me furious).

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