Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Lily Update

Lily is on the mend and we weathered Irene fairly well. We never lost power or internet access and our internet tends to cut out with even the slightest moisture. There was a lot of wind and rain, but we never felt like we were in any danger. We couldn't go outside to play with Lily anyway, so the weekend was a lot of Eloise and Danny Phantom on Netflix. 

She got her little toy medical kit out, and I learned that my hearing problems were being caused by a family of rats living in my ears. I'm so glad I have health insurance! We also visited Lily's new cousin in the hospital and I think she was a little jealous. She made me and Jen promise not to have any more babies.

Lily impressed me. I have the local forecast on my start page for Firefox and she just glanced there and said, "It's going to rain today and Sunday, but it will be sunny on Tuesday and Wednesday." She was right and I asked her how she knew. She said she knew that Saturday and Sunday start with "S" and that Tuesday and Wednesday start with "T" and "W". That's not bad at all.

Unfortunately, Jen met with Lily's principal on Monday, who said the school fought off a lawsuit by concerned parents who felt their kid was ready even though she missed the cutoff by several days, so it looks like Lily will be learning her colors with kids who poop in their pants this year. I think she's more than read for kindergarten. Here's an example of a tongue twister she put together on the fly:"Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore, but a seagull snatched her spinach, salami, salsa and salt sandwich from the sink in her stand and now Sally is sobbing in her stand at the seashore." Pause. "Okay, daddy. Your turn. Repeat that."

Also, she got two Webkinz pets when we were at the hospital. They're stuffed animals that also come with a code that allows you to redeem them for their digital counterparts online. So she got a duck and a dog and after we entered the codes, she had a duck and a dog to play with online. You can decorate their houses and buy them clothes and such, and you can earn money by playing games and answering trivia questions and such. We did the five to six year old science questions, and Lily ran the category of 50 questions. She was annoyed at how easy they were, ("These are baby questions!") so we moved up another age bracket.

As I mentioned before, she's healing well. Jen took her back to the burn unit on Tuesday, where they informed us that she's healing ahead of schedule, and there is now a very fine, very delicate layer of skin regrowing, and there will likely be no scarring at all. Lily is in fine spirits. She's throwing herself around with reckless abandon as she careens around the house. Everyone asks how she's dealing with the pain, but she's really not showing any indication that she's in any at all. Part of this is because Jen does a simply wonderful job of keeping the bandages wrapped securely. 

Bath time is really the only problem we have. The burns don't really cause her any pain, but Lily is really concerned about anyone touching them, so the preliminary bath before we get underway is torture. 45 minute long baths are not uncommon. One of us keeps Lily distracted while the other does the removal of the bandages/cleaning.

For our Wacky Wednesday Lily wanted to play a video game, and asked me what games I had. I don't have a huge amount of games. We've got a bunch of fighting games (Tekkens and Street Fighters), Prototype (a hobo shoggoth in New York), Fallout 3 and Unreal Tournament, all of which are wildly inappropriate. We also have Flower, which is pretty fun, and Little Big Planet, which may be one of the all time great video games, and is also two player.  She enjoys dressing the little sack person up in outfits and she's still young enough that she enjoys just making her run around and act silly.

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