Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lily's second Birthday of the Week

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but it was a pretty busy weekend. The first, on her actual birthday, was just family members, while this second one was at a local party place and was mostly for her little school friends. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I had taken off Friday because my buddy Tim was supposed to come down from New Hamster on Thursday night. (You can read about our previous adventures in this post. We went to the Barnes Foundation!) His arrival got pushed back a day, so I used the time to get my car inspected, since  I had already requested the time off and it would be a bigger hassle to cancel it at this late date.

So I hung out and goofed off for most of the day and when Jen and Lily got home, we watched the Princess Bride. It was Lily’s first time seeing it, and that will get its own post in a bit. (Edit: Here it is!)

Tim got in around 9 PM, and Lily was so happy to see him. We see each other once or twice a year
and I occasionally talk about him, but I wasn’t expecting this level of infatuation.

After Lily went to bed, Tim and I played Deus Ex, which will also  We stayed up all night and hit the local farmer’s market in the morning. Lily saw the comic book store near the market and we went there after it was over. Jen and Lily took off for a park (and many thanks to Jen for keeping her occupied. Left to her own devices, Lily would have spent the whole weekend pestering Tim. They had a very nice time at the park (it was the one where we had been married), so I guess that must have been karma in action.)

Left to our own devices, Tim and I returned to our video gaming. We’ve been best friends since the third grade, and this marks about a quarter century of staying out late, eating junk and playing video games all night.

Jen and Lily returned, and Tim and I took off.  Since his birthday was this week, I treated him to dinner at an overpriced but delicious Italian place. (I had the chicken torino and it may be one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.)

We returned home, and we joined Lily in playing some games. There was the popular “The floor is made of lava” game, played by children all over the world, as well as the “Pretend to steal daddy’s stuff and give it to Mister Tim” game.  At times she would whisper to Mister Tim, “I like you more than daddy. But don’t tell him.”

That night was pretty much the same as the one before. I helped with bed time and then it was more video games. If it ain’t broke...

Jen and Lily went to church. Tim and I got some video game time in, then we picked up my nephew and went to Lily’s party at Bounce U.  She had attended parties there and at similar places, but all of her previous birthday parties had been in our house. She’s old enough now that she’s starting to want what her friends have, and while it was kind of pricey, I think it was worth it. She colored the rainbow herself, and I was kind of impressed that she got the sequence correct. (The omission of yellow is because they didn’t have a yellow marker. She asked for one, and said “That’s okay,” when they didn’t have one.)

Lily got winged by a wiffle bat right before they sat down for the picture, which would have ruined the day but didn’t. When asked afterwards how she liked it, the phrase she used was “I had a blast!”

Jen’s mom had mentioned a comic book store in the area. We hit it up after the party. Parking was absolutely atrocious, but the place was nice enough. Lily enjoyed it and we picked up some loose Magic cards and a booster of the newest set.

Then it was back home for nap time, at least for those of us who had been up until 4:30. Lily played very nicely while we napped. We woke up, hung out for a bit, then Tim and I did some grocery shopping. We got back in time to wrap up bed time. For a change of pace, Tim and I played some video games. Since I had to work, I turned in a little past midnight.

Great weekend all around.


  1. Ah, the good ol' the-floor-is-made-of-lava game. My siblings and I used to slide down the stairs on blankets as fast as could into the lava, which somehow didn't affect us, because blankets clearly offer some sort of protection against molten rock.

  2. Sounds like a great time, but what is this about the the best food you have ever eaten???????No more spaetzle for you MR.