Thursday, March 27, 2014

April is almost here, so here is last year's stuff, to tide you over.

Zelazny haiku,
year two! Even though last year's batch
wasn't that funny.

If you should find the
Buddha, kill the Buddha. No!
Not like that, Yama!

Fiona's head looks
really weird in this piece from
the visual guide.

Josh always runs out
of ideas for haiku
on about this date.

Teenage werewolf grows
hair where there was none before.
Some Fangs and claws, too.

Maxine meets Jenny.
"Chess?" "No. I'll waste you with my
machine guns instead."

Bright Defile is the
greatest name for a city.
I wish I lived there.

As much as I love
the book, "Lord of Light" seemed such
a poor name for it.

The doors of his mouth,
The lamps of his face, Moby
Dick set on Venus


The doors of his face
The lamps of his mouth! There, I
corrected it, Chris!

Time to revisit
my Eye of Cat review. Next
month works well, I think.

Roger created
Forever After, fun and
funny shared world book.

April Thirtieth
would be such a great day. If
Luke could pull it off.

Mighty Frost searches
for the measurements of the
nature of a Man.

Poet needed to
Repopulate Mars. Good work
if you can get it.

And now for something
completely different. Song
of the Blue Baboon.

Divine Madness. The
Music is Reversible.
Alas, time is not.

I'm such a big fan
of Amber that I married
a green-eyed woman.

Damnation Alley.
Good man falls. Bad man rises.
And they meet midway.

Charles Render, the
Dream Master, is really a
bit of an asshole.

Remember the time
the Great God Pan beat the crap
out of a robot?

By virtue of his
name, Marcel Marceau would fit
in with the Furies.

Gather 'round, children,
for Pol Detson's strum-a-long.
Get a job, hippie!

Cut your brain in half
so you'll kill the president.
It's the perfect crime.

Immortal hero
in a Zelazny story?

Oberon looks like
he has to go poo. Maybe
some prune juice would help.

Syllable count in
Damned if I know, man.

I don't care what Chris
Kovacs says! Jenny is way
better than Maxine!

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