Monday, December 22, 2014

[Zelazny] More of that Amber discussion at Reddit

A while back, I had emailed NESFA, expressing interest in an annotated version of the Amber books. They never got back to me, but this may be the next best thing. The discussion on Reddit has picked up, and one of the participants is offering some very lucid commentary, and pointing out a lot of the references. He raises the interesting point that Corwin may have been in the German army in WWII. It's worth checking out.


  1. I've certainly heard the Nazi thing before, but it's always seemed like grasping at straws to me.

    1. Huh. That's interesting. I had never heard it before.

      I had caught the line on earlier readings, but I always assumed that Corwin was one of the soldiers who liberated the camp, but it turned out that it was the Red Army who found Auschwitz, and it seems unlikely that Corwin would be in a situation where he was fighting with them.

      I don't know. I'll have to chew over it a little more and see what I think.

  2. Is this an obscure theory? There was enough alluding to it in the books I just assumed you were supposed to think Corwin had been a Nazi on my first read through.