Saturday, January 7, 2017

I'm starting to feel a bit like Colin Baker in the Five(ish) Doctors

Edit: I gave the reviews their own page here.

One of the good things of having an unusual last name is that I can be reasonably certain that any mention of a Josh Wanisko pertains to me. There aren't too many of us running around.

So when I search for mentions of myself, in the manner of a deranged Colin Baker in The Five(Ish) Doctors

they tend to be easier to find than they would be otherwise.

I'm happy with how the Forever Fallen came out and with how well it's been received.


  • "Quality piece of work from a fan who has a clear and present love for Doctor Who. I hope we see the name Joshua Wanisko more often in future."  -The Time Scales
  • "And the real star of the show isn’t Doctor number seven, nor is it ASBO-dodging companion Ace. It’s writer Joshua Wanisko who runs away with this, not only by capturing perfectly the Seventh Doctor’s voice, but (more importantly) by writing a truly captivating story." Mass Movement
  • "The dialogue is sharp, the story wry and enjoyable and gets to an ending that feels intimate while painting a real sense of part of what it means to be a time traveller." -Cultbox
  • "Just occasionally you find a new writer who absolutely nails the distinctive traits of one of your favourite characters," - Sci-Fi Bulletin
  • Update 10 January :  "Forever Fallen is about as appropriate a story as Big Finish might have chosen, and deserves to be heard by everyone, whether they had ever had cause to experience the kindness of Paul Spragg or not."  Starburst magazine


  1. Hey, you better not forget about all us little people now that you're famous!

    1. Not at all! I'll emerge from my compound to wave at you from the balcony at least once a year.

    2. Oh, good, that's a relief.