Saturday, November 11, 2017

Alton Brown: Eat Your Science

We caught the show in Easton on Wednesday.

The show was three hours long with a half hour intermission. He was very much like his television persona, which I consider a good thing. Some people expect something qualitatively different out of a live show, and this material was very much in the vein of an episode of Good Eats, with a couple allowances made for medium. He’s got a polished formula and there was no need to tweak it overmuch.

Jen and I liked it; Lily loved it. It was a really nice outing.


  1. There was a great interview with Brown on NPR several years ago, when he released a cook book. A part I remember on it was him telling about his daughter elbowing him in the ribs about the early Food Channel shows, as in: "Dad, who's the skinny guy with the hair? He does an amazing impression of you."