Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Incredibles Debate: Meet the speakers

Good evening. I'm Josh, the super-great owner of this blog. Over the next several days, I will be debating the merits of the Incredibles 2 with my daughter Lily. I will present my argument and then Lily will have the opportunity for a rebuttal. There may be a little bit of further back and forth if we think it's funny.

Lily's replies are in CYAN

The Debaters! 


Chiefly known for failing to be incredibly wise and awesome. Weaknesses: Too modest. Has bad grammar because GREEK STATUES don't go to SCHOOL. 


Hobbies: Falling over. Being wrong about things. Being cute and great and right forever and always.

Also, is better than Josh because this candidate...
  • Can change facial expressions (That's just the way my face looks!)
  • (Only recently became potty trained) 
  • Understands that the statement above is both untrue and irrelevant
  • Once ran face-first into a wall. It was hilarious. 
  • It was pretty hilarious...Hey! Stop interfering!
  • Is not made of marble
  • Is SMRT
  • Was the captain of a debate team
  • Even falls down adorably
  • Just made you look :)

Cuter than this face?

I think not!
Lily, at the end of this debate

Image result for whiny baby

Josh, 100% of the time.
Like, absolutely ALWAYS
Right now, actually

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