Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Friends are Awesome: Dave

Dave said at first that he'd prefer if he left him out of the series. It is with great reluctance that I honor his request. This will be my shortest post ever.

And in conclusion,


(Dave told me that he automatically stops reading my posts as soon as he gets to the (sudden but) inevitable betrayal (Firefly shout out!) Firefly insult, so I thought I'd just trick him into stopping early.)

But I couldn't leave him out of the series! He's too awesome! I always introduce him as the person who introduced me to Jen and he must be getting sick of it but it's a good way to buy him instant goodwill with the person to whom I'm introducing him. When you come down to it, almost every friend I've made since becoming an adult, I know though Dave. Jen, of course, but also Greg and Geoff (and through them, Timur), Eric (who was dating a friend of Dave's) and through Eric, Frederick.

Dave's a pretty awesome dude. He's witty, charming, and a pretty good Street Fighter (Pro tip! Dave can't reliably perform the dragon punch motion if his character is facing the left side of the screen. So if you play against him, try to get him oriented that way.) My mom never kissed him, which puts him in a distinct minority among my friends, but she always calls him the boy with the nice nose, so I bet she would. Pucker up! He may be the biggest Star Wars fan, EVER! He's always willing to come over and help out with something, for the price of dinner or nothing at all.

I remember when we were first becoming friends, and I was still at the stage where I thought that if I pretended to be something that I wasn't, then people would like me more. (Well, that arguably is the case, but it's more hassle than it's worth, and the people you end up with aren't your real friends.) He asked me if I were into smoking and drinking and, thinking that's what this cool guy whose friend I wanted to be was into, I said "Sure!" to which he promptly replied, "Then you're no friend of mine."

I think the best thing about him is that he's a fundamentally decent guy. He's great with kids and Lily thinks "Mister Dave" is awesome. (He was in the local cemetery for her first snowball fight.) Whenever we walk past his house, she always wants him to come along on our walk. I'm happy that he'll be there for her as a role model as she gets older.

Bonus! When I first started dating Jen, I worked the overnight shift at a local store and Dave worked days. We'd often leave each other notes on our time cards. One time I asked him to write something that would make me look good. This is what he provided. (Click for larger image) It still makes me chuckle.

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