Forever Fallen: Reviews and Interviews

Hi, Josh Wanisko here! Sometimes I'm known as Joseph Wanisko, because Nick Briggs keeps forgetting my first name on the Big Finish podcast. :)

The page collect reviews of my Doctor Who Short Trip Forever Fallen, and interviews I've given about it.

If you haven't heard it, it's available for free from Big Finish at this link.


  • "Quality piece of work from a fan who has a clear and present love for Doctor Who. I hope we see the name Joshua Wanisko more often in future."  -The Time Scales
  • "And the real star of the show isn’t Doctor number seven, nor is it ASBO-dodging companion Ace. It’s writer Joshua Wanisko who runs away with this, not only by capturing perfectly the Seventh Doctor’s voice, but (more importantly) by writing a truly captivating story." Mass Movement
  • "The dialogue is sharp, the story wry and enjoyable and gets to an ending that feels intimate while painting a real sense of part of what it means to be a time traveller." -Cultbox
  • "Forever Fallen is about as appropriate a story as Big Finish might have chosen, and deserves to be heard by everyone, whether they had ever had cause to experience the kindness of Paul Spragg or not."  - Starburst magazine
  • "In over 5000 words, Wanisko has presented a tale about desire, regret, determination and happiness. But above all, he shows the one thing that can make a life fulfilled in some people’s eyes; acceptance." -Blogtor Who
  • "Just occasionally you find a new writer who absolutely nails the distinctive traits of one of your favourite characters," - Sci-Fi Bulletin
  • "This guy gets Doctor Who and has a great handle on the character of the 7th Doctor in my opinion. Fantastic story." Goodreads
  • "This is a small piece of gold, a great story that doesn't need action and fights." - Doctor Who Amino
  • "Fan Joshua Wanisko did a bang-up job in taking a common classic Who trope and examining it in more depth." -VHSWhovian
  • "It unfolds beautifully over a series of encounters over tea between TARDIS team and nemesis that allows us to see how that one simple decision changes a life and all of the lives around it and is written with such depth that even with not much going on, you are so enveloped that you can’t tear your ears away." -Review: Doctor Who – Big Finish Back Catalog I
  • "In Forever Forever, Joshua Wanisko explores what happens when the Doctor does talk someone out of his cunning scheme, and gives us a great pay-off that is fully revealed in the following half an hour." - The Doctor Who Companion
  • "From the start I was entranced by the setting and the storyline."Lauradahlingerwho
  • "I'll admit I had some unfounded prejudices against this story because of its being written for a competition, but soon after starting Forever Fallen that mood was dispelled and by the end I was of the belief that it would have been a crime for this not to have won." - Thousand Year Diary
  •  "Good story, but needed more Patrick Troughton. I love Patrick Troughton so much.  I want to put on a Zoe Heriot bubble wrap dress and marry Patrick Troughton." -Reversing the Polarity

An Interview with me at The Raconteur Roundtable(iTunes)//non-iTunes version.

An interview with Ian Atkins (producer at Big Finish) discussing the story: RR #7 - Memories, Doctor Who, and Big Finish Competitions - Ian Atkins

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