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This is the  index of all my Roger Zelazny books reviews.  I assigned a letter grade to each work, based solely how I compare it to the rest of Zelazny's published material. It is, in the words of Fiona, a subjective, intuitive, and biased list and I may change the rankings as I continue along with this.


The Amber Series:

•         Nine Princes in Amber: B
•         The Guns of Avalon: A+
o   Part Two
•         Sign of the Unicorn: B
•         The Hand of Oberon: A
•         The Courts of Chaos: B-
•         The Merlin Books as a series: C-
•         Trumps of Doom: C+ 
•         Blood of Amber: B- 
•         Sign of Chaos: C- 
•         Knight of Shadows: D+ 
•         Prince of Chaos: D 
•         The Post-Merlin Amber short stories: B
•         The Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game
•         Shadow Knight
•         Nine Princes in Amber Computer Game
•         Nine Princes in Amber Comic

Other Novels

•         Roadmarks: A
•         Creatures of Light and Darkness: B+
•         Jack of Shadows: A
o   Part Two
•         Isle of the Dead: B+
•         Doorways in the Sand: B+ / Revised Review: A-
•         My Name is Legion: B+ (Individually, B for RUMOKO, C- for Kjwalll and A+ for Hangman)
•         Lord of Light: A+
o   Part Five
o   Part Six
•         Today We Choose Faces: C
•         A Night in the Lonesome October: A
•         And Call Me Conrad/This Immortal: A
o    Part Two
•         To Die in Italbar: C
•         Bridge of Ashes: B+
•         A Dark Traveling: C+
•         Eye of Cat: C-  / Revised Review: C
•         Dilvish, the Damned: B- 
•         The Changing Land: B-
•         Changeling: F 
•         Madwand: C- 
•         Damnation Alley: C 
•         The Dead Man's Brother: C-


With Alfred Bester

•         Psychoshop: C+ 

With Philip K Dick

•         Deus Irae: C-

With Harlan Ellison

•         Come to me not in Winter's White: B+

With Gerald Hausman

•         Wilderness: A

With Jane Lindskold

•         Lord Demon: D-
•         Donnerjack: A-
o   Part Two
o   Part Three
o   Part Four

With Gray Morrow

•         The Illustrated Roger Zelazny: C if you already have all the stories, A if you don't 

With Fred Saberhagen

•         Coils: B-
•         The Black Throne: C-

Millennial Contest Series (with Robert Sheckley) 

•         Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming: C+
•         If at Faust You Don't Succeed: A-
•         A Farce to be Reckoned With: F

With Michael Stackpole, David Drake, Robert Asprin and Jane Lindskold

•         Forever After: B 

With Thomas T. Thomas

•         Flare: F. MINUS!
•         The Mask of Loki: D+ 

Short Works

•         For a Breath I Tarry: A
•         The Last Defender of Camelot: A+
•         He Who Shapes/The Dream Master: A-
•         The Stainless Steel Leech: B
•         A Rose for Ecclesiastes: B-
•         A Rose for Ecclesiastes (Revised) : B
•         The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth: A
•         Devil Car/Last of the Wild Ones: B
•         This Moment of the Storm: A- 
•         24 Views of Mount Fuji, by Hokusai: A 
•         The Keys to December: B-
•         The Furies: B 
•         Loki 7281: A- 
•         Unicorn Variation: B+ 
•         Kalifriki of the Thread: B 
•         Come Back to the Killing Ground Alice, My Love: B+ 
•         A Thing of Terrible Beauty: A+ 
•         Permafrost: B 
•         Divine Madness: A+ 
•         The Long Crawl of Hugh Glass: A 
•         Angel, Dark Angel: A- 
•         Comes Now the Power: A 
•         Mana from Heaven: D  
•         Godson: A+ 
•         This Mortal Mountain: B- 
•         The Naked Matador: A 
•         The Graveyard Heart: A 
•         Itself Surprised: B+ 
•         Passion Play: A 
•         The Man Who Loved the Faioli: B+
•         The Sleeper: B 
•         Ashes to Ashes: D 
•         Concerto for Siren and Serotonin: B-
•         The Engine at Heartspring's Center: B 
•         The Great Slow Kings: B
•         Halfjack: C
•         The George Business: B
•         Love is an Imaginary Number: B-
•         Nine Starships Waiting: C+
•         The Game of Blood and Dust: B+
•         Night Kings: C
•         Prince of the Powers of this World: B+
•         Horseman!: C
•         Come to me not in Winter's White (with Harlan Ellison): B+
•         Deadboy Donner and the Filstone Cup: B
•         King Solomon's Ring: F
•         No Award: C
•         Song of the Blue Baboon: D
•         Go Starless in the Night: B-
•         My Lady of the Diodes: C-
•         But Not the Herald: C
•         Collector's Fever: D

Works inspired by Zelazny

•          Roger Zelazny's Visual Guide to Castle Amber  
•          Damnation Alley, Part One
Part Two
•         Immortal Beloved
•         Neil Randall's Black Road War (Amber Choose Your Own Adventure)
•         Neil Randall's Seven No-Trump: (Amber Choose Your Own Adventure)
•         The Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game
•         Shadow Knight
•         Magazine Ad for the ADRPG
•         Lords of Gossamer and Shadow
•         Tim Scott's Jack of Shadows album
•         Nine Princes in Amber Computer Game
•        Elegy for Angels and Dogs
•         The Ides of Octember, the Pictorial Bibliography of Roger Zelazny
•         Chronomaster, the Novel
•         Lord of the Fantastic, Part One
Part Two 
Part Three
Part Four  

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