Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Time Lord Archives reviews Sarah Jane, Superstar!

Extremely nice review from The Time Lord Archives!

Time Lord Archives reviews Sarah Jane, Superstar!

Every anthology needs at least one good meta-story! Preferably full of inside jokes and puns—the sillier, the better. Here, halfway through, Defending Earth delivers!

"I was familiar—as many Big Finish fans will be—with co-author Joshua Wanisko for his audio Short Trip, Forever Fallen, the winner of Big Finish’s inaugural Paul Spragg Memorial Opportunity in 2016. That story is an earnest, serious, thoughtful Seventh Doctor adventure, one that will stay with its listeners for some time. This story—co-written by Joshua’s daughter Lillian Wanisko, for whom this is a first writing credit—is none of that; and that is exactly as it should be! Where that story is full of emotion, this one is full of humor, and utterly lighthearted. How could it not be? It’s Sarah Jane Smith: The Musical!"

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Panel at ReGeneration Who

Yikes! I haven't posted in forever! I'm here. Still kicking.

I'll be running a panel at ReGenWho 5:

A History of Violence: A journey from Pacifism to Genocide and all points in between

Terrance Dicks said that 'The Doctor always looks for a peaceful solution - but he never finds one!'

This panel seeks to evaluate the limits of both violence and pacifism and the Doctor’s willingness to employ each in the pursuit of peace. Presentation and discussion will cover all eras of the classic and modern series, as well as the Big Finish audios, with particular emphasis on the Fourth and Tenth Doctors.