Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm experimenting with shorter, more frequent posts here. Zelazny book review blogging will return in another day or two, but right now I'll be writing about family stuff.

Lily came downstairs with her hair combed over her eye and asked me who she looked like. I said "Uh, Violet from the Incredibles?"

She said "No! I look like a girlie-girl!" I can't hear the phrase "Girlie-girl" without thinking of the skeleton from Army of Darkness saying to his captive "We've got plans for you, girlie-girl!"

Sadly, Violet was my second thought. I'm such a nerd that my first thought was Viper from Marvel Comics.

It's funny. People will make a casual observation to her and she'll incorporate that into her worldview. If she uses a new phrase or a word, sometimes I'll ask her to define it, to make sure she's not completely off base with it. I told her that the "definition" of a word is explaining what a word means. She's usually pretty good. The day after I told her about this, she said "Definition is explaining what a word means. That's the definition of a definition!" She was very proud of her joke.

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