Tuesday, September 7, 2010

He knows that beauty lies, but he likes it by his side

We had a reasonably nice Labor Day weekend. Instead of a picnic, we spent the day cleaning out Aunt Mickey's house and dividing up some of her stuff. It was actually a bit less ghoulish than you might expect. It was nice to remember her. Lily had a nice time with her little cousins and we stopped at a cool wooden fort playground on the way back.

Then we stopped for the ice cream we had promised her in order to lure her away from the cool wooden fort.

I also found my new favorite song. Like most cool people, I listen to public radio when I drive into work and I heard this song.I tried to show it to Jen, but she was rolling her eyes so loudly when I said "Hey, check this out! It's my new favorite song!" (because that's how I introduce every song) that she would have been unable to hear it.

That's a really well put together video. Somebody on Youtbube called it "well-lensed", which was an interesting turn of phrase. The lead singer reminds me of my giraffe-loving friend Karen. Also, "The Like" is an unfortunate name for a band in the Facebook era.

It is a really spectacularly evocative piece of work though. Then again, I was in a mood to appreciate beatniks since we had just watched the Iron Giant.

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