Monday, September 20, 2010

I see dead farmers

I usually damn with faint praise the movies we watch on Wacky Wednesday with "not as terrible as I would have expected" but Barbie as Rapunzel was almost...good. The production values were pretty decent, plus it had Angelica Huston as the wicked stepmother. (Naturally) She had really long hair and while she was imprisoned in a tower, she didn't let down her hair to let anyone climb up.

I was kind of hanging out downstairs and Lily held up one of her Little People toys and said, "Daddy, let's pretend that the farmer's dead."


I just kind of mumbled something along the lines of "Oh, pretending that would make me sad," but man, dude.

Other than that, she's been very sweet lately. We had a nice time breaking out the Halloween decorations and Lily helped out by holding the chair whenever we were standing on it and giving us helpful advice like telling us to make the house, "Scary, but not TOO scary, because little kids might be trick or treating and we don't want to scare them."

I was talking to Jen about how I'll spend much more effort on blog posts where I'm reviewing something I don't like and she interrupted me to say "Do you think that makes you unusual?"

Well, kinda.

I asked Lily if I was unusual and she said "No, mommy's unusual!" because she's in that contrarian phase.

I happened to see Ted Allen on TV, and I spent fifteen minutes bitching about how I wanted to stab him as we were taking the air conditioner out of the window for the season.

Jen: Stop talking about stabbing Tim Allen.
Me: Ted Allen!
Jen: Whatever. Just stab him and pretend he's the other guy.
Me: No, you know why?
Jen: *sigh* Why?
Me: Because the time I'm spending stabbing Tim Allen, I could be using to stab Ted Allen! (Pause. Wave to elderly neighbor.) Oh, here there neighbor. Didn't see you standing there.

I'm trying to be the person who spends more time talking about things that I like than bitching about things I don't. And I was noticing that my reviews about the books I liked were longer, but the ones I wrote about books I didn't especially like were shorter but took me longer to write. I'm not sure what it says about me.

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