Monday, September 13, 2010

Water Lily

We had a very nice weekend. We got the worst of it out of the way early. We got a phone call at eleven PM Friday night. Late night phone calls are always a cause for concern, but this one was relatively benign. My stepmother was calling because she lost her entire PowerPoint presentation and she wanted my help getting it back. Explaining Powerpoint over the phone is a pain, but I eventually figured out that she hadn't lost it; she had merely advanced to an empty slide. Man, I know my family is technically challenged, but sheesh!

Jen took Lily to a water park on Saturday and the pair of them had a wonderful time. I got together with Dave, but later than I expected and I wound up spending most of the morning playing City of Heroes. I've been playing it on and off since launch in 2004, and I don't think I've ever had a more enjoyable time than I did that morning.

Jen and Lily got back earlier than I expected and Dave got there later, but again, this is something that unexpectedly worked out. We watched a Scooby Doo movie on Netflix and Dave and I are pleased to report that the usual Scooby Doo strategy of guessing the least obvious suspect still works fine after all these years. (It's bullshit if they expect us to believe that a griffin puppet suspended from a blimp is going to fool anybody though.)

On Sunday morning, I went with Jen and Lily to church. Jen had a meeting before the service, so I wound watching with Lily and another two girls. One of them was about her age, the other was about six. The conversation turned to pets.

Lily: I had a pet hamster named Rosie, but she died.
Other girl: (Shifts uncomfortably)
Lily: She's up in heaven.
Other girl: (Shifts uncomfortably)
Lily: She's God's hamster now.

I changed the conversation when I saw that she wasn't going to get off the topic, but I'm pretty sure that she was going to start quoting from the Dead Parrot Sketch if the conversation went on much further.

("He's kicked the bucket, he's shuffled off his mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!!")

Lily once again stole the show at "big church". The minister has a little children's sermon and since it was the church's annual water communion, the topic was water.

The pastor was talking about how the water could flow through rivers and trickle down streams, but it couldn't get across the desert.

Pastor: And so the water-
Lily: You could use a bucket.
Pastor: We don't have a bucket. And so-
Lily: You could bring one.

We went to the Plymouth Meeting Mall and met Tom and Jen and Karen. During the drive down, we were listening to NPR and caught a great episode of This American Life. Later on I said to Jen, "That was a pretty intense episode of 'This American Life', and then it occurred to me that when conservatives imagine straw man liberals, these hypothetical liberals are saying things like "That was a pretty intense episode of 'This American Life"

Tom may be the only person quieter than I am, but he's awesome! Tom actually clicks on my links! Go Tom! I was a little bit tongue in cheek with that "Tom is Awesome" post, but now I mean every word. He not only clicked on my link to watch the well-lensed video, but he even subscribed to their newsletter!

Anyways, we ate lunch at a Chipotle's. I had a huge burrito which served me for lunch and dinner. Then we walked around the mall. Lily was enchanted with the escalators. After that we spent a while in Dave & Busters. Lily played some skee-ball, but we had to stop her after she threw the ball in her neighbor's lane for the third time.

We went to Riverbend where Jen used to work and walked around the trails for a while. When we were well underway, Lily said "I have to go to the bathroom. Can I pee by a tree?" Jen asked if she could hold and Lily said she could, but then she asked again about a minute later, and then without waiting for an answer, pulled her pants down in the middle of the trail and shuffled over to a nearby tree, to Jen's mortification.

Lily was perched on a trail. Tom offered her a hand to get off and I said "Be careful. Mister Tom has Firefly cooties." Lily said "Gross!" and I was forced to agree. I don't want to touch a Firefly fan either!

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