Thursday, November 25, 2010

Two become one

Over the weekend, I was able to combine two broken computers Voltron-like into one that worked. I really didn't think this would work, one PC was five years old and the other more than eight, and the plan itself was such a Rube Goldberg thing that required everything break my way. I had to buy a couple components from a local store, but when I pushed the button, the power came on, and after I reset everything to factory defaults and restored/downloaded the stuff I needed, the gestalt PC worked better than either of the old ones had. This may be old hat to genuine computer geeks out there, but I'm only a wannabe computer geek, so I'm more impressed with myself than I probably should be. I thought it was neat, though.

And in the other news of two-becoming-one, I asked Lily if I could marry a ketchup bottle. No particular reason for this, just talking silly with my four-year old, but she seemed genuinely outraged by the suggestion. "No, you're already married to mommy and KETCHUP CAN'T DANCE!" And I was (obviously) just kidding about this, but I couldn't help imagine Rick Santorum or some politician of similar stripe making some kind of ridiculous slippery slope argument warning against this. "If we permit a man to marry another man," he'll rave, "soon, we'll have men marrying dogs, or men marrying bottles of ketchup!"

Happy Thanksgiving to the family and strangers who read this. May you all find something for which you are thankful in your lives.

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