Friday, November 12, 2010

Wacky Wednesday: Monsters, Inc.

We had a rather nice Wacky Wednesday this week. Lily was very well-behaved. She had been talking about Monsters & Aliens for the past couple days to Jen, who was unable to get the name of the movie out of her, but only mentioned it in front of me yesterday morning, which wasn't enough time to get the movie from Netflix. Lily described the Netflix process in detail, calling the company by name. We talk about it in front of her, but I was just surprised (and not entirely pleased) by her level of brand awareness.

We wound up streaming Monsters, Inc. We had watched it previously, but quite a while ago. It's a great movie. I love Pixar. I'm glad our movie didn't have any aliens in it, because Lily has been strangely anxious about them.

Lily: Was Oma's mommy kidnapped by aliens?
Jen: Uh, no.
Lily: Then how did she die? Did she die because she got really old?
Jen: Uh, yes.

She assured Jen in that very earnest way little kids have, "Don't worry mommy. I'd *never* let aliens take you away."

On Thursday we had pizza with my Grammy where she spent the whole meal bitching that my younger brother didn't call her about some chair. Afterward, I read Cinderella to Lily. Jen had picked up a copy of the Brothers Grimm version by accident from the library and I was censoring it as I went.

We got to the part where the wicked stepmother tells the one stepsister to cut off her own toe so her foot will fit in the slipper. I didn't know that Jen had neglected to edit this part when she had read it the previous night so I was just like, "The sister tried on the slipper but her foot didn't fit."

Lily: You didn't read the part where she cuts off her toe!
Me: I think reading that would make me sad.
Lily: But that's my favorite part!
Me: (Expression of horrified disbelief)

I assume that she's just being a typical four-year-old here with a desire that a book should read as written and it's just a manifestation of a little kid's desire for familiarity and not some kind of hidden bloodlust. At least, that's what I'm hoping.

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