Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas time is here

Christmas was nice. Lily was really extraordinarily sweet, picking up presents and saying "Open this one first, mommy!"

For the second year in a row, she's been very good about keeping the secret of Jen's present. I told her about a month ago and while she told some other grown ups, she didn't utter a peep to Jen.  We bought her a hula hoop and a little fountain.

Lily was really excited for Jen about the fountain, and really gracious about every gift she got. "I love it!" was her constant refrain. Jen's mom showed up at around 9:30, then we took off for her dad's house at around noon. Lily was really well-behaved there too. I'm glad we're raising such a good little kid.

 I was pretty happy with the stuff I got. In addition to the gift cards and other stuff, I also wound up with Argh! Thar Be Zombies for All Flesh Must be Eaten and DVDs of the Last Unicorn and Fantasia/Fantasia 2000. I've always loved Fantasia. I was sitting on the couch as we started playing it.

Five minutes in:

Lily: Daddy?
Me: (Leaning forward in anticipation) Yes?
Lily: This is really boring.

She came around when we got to the Pastoral Symphony. We must have watched that sequence fifteen times over Christmas weekend. She loved the "naked flying babies" and giggled whenever they came on the screen. She told us that she she wished she had a pet Pegasus. When asked what she would do it, she replied that she would fly down to Florida on her back, but not before she let the Pegasus take a super duper long nap so she would have enough energy to make the trip.

Previously, Jen hadn't liked the movie, but only because she had been expecting something entirely different. Now that she knows what it is, she really likes it as well. It's nice to have a movie we can all enjoy.

Earlier in the week, Jen found something that looked like food on the floor near the computer.

Jen: Is that food?
Me: (Leans over. Put some in my mouth.) *Grimace* ...No. Ah...it's dried up paint.
Jen: ...Weren't you a scientist? Shouldn't you be more discriminating about what you put in your orifices?
Me: Quiet, you. I haven't finished sticking it in my orifices.

We hung out over the weekend, watched some movies. Jen and I enjoy Parenthood and we caught up on our viewing of that. The show keeps getting steadily better. I especially liked the Thanksgiving episode, because it shows them as a family, rather than as four different groups of people who happen to be related.

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