Friday, December 10, 2010

A post all about Lily

We got to the airport early when we went down to Florida the other week, so we had a lot of time to kill. Jen and I like playing 20 Questions with animals to pass the time. (though Jen has a much stronger life sciences background than I do, leading to exchanges like Jen: "Is your animal an isopod?" Me: "...I don't know." (I'm just kidding. I totally know what an isopod is.)) We thought Lily might be old enough to play, so we tried to get her involved. Her version of the game was more like charades. She was running around the table with her arm in front of her nose, waving it like a trunk, so we guessed "elephant!" We all had a fun time playing that.

The other night, I was up her room, getting ready to read a bed time story, and she gave me her magic wand and asked me to turn her into an animal. So I waved the wand and said, "Poof, you're a doggy!" and she smiled mischievously and got down on her hands and knees and said, "Meow, meow." We did this for a while, and Lily had a fun time subverting what I said. When I turned her into a raccoon, she became a panda and said "I'm eating bamboo." She likes the game even more than story time and I enjoy not reading the same bed time stories over and over again.

Lily was saying prayers before bedtime, something I'd never observed her doing. She structured them kind of like her grace, saying "I'm thankful for the plane that took us down to Florida, and for getting to see Grammy Kathy and the ornaments we made together..." Grammy Kathy made quite an impression on her.

Lily takes after her Grammy Kathy in that she likes to watch cooking shows. Her previous favorite thing to do on the computer was to play Princess Dress Up on the Disney Princesses page, but now she likes to watch videos of how to make pirate ship cupcakes. She's big enough to use the computer on her own, though we don't let her on there unsupervised. I'll be in the room and watch her as she's moving the mouse and selecting which video to watch.

The videos are short, and some are preceded by an extraordinarily loud Target commercial, so I finally got tired of watching them. I suggested to Lily that we do something else and she acquiesced.

Lily: Let's play dolls!
Me: Okay.
Lily: (Getting doll ready) She's at work.
Me: Okay.
Lily: She's training her eyes at work.
Me: Okay...
Lily: She's training her eyes at work by watching movies about cooking.
Me: ... ...well played.

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