Monday, December 13, 2010

A very quick summary of my weekend

We had a nice enough weekend. Jen finally got a replacement car, more than two months after she was hit. It's a Focus. Her last two cars were also Focuses (Foci?), and both were destroyed in rear end collisions from distracted drivers.

I occasionally have a good idea, and I suggested that we go to Friendly's after work on Friday and get an appetizer tray and some ice cream. That actually worked out really well, and we had a fun little family picnic.

We got our tree on Saturday morning, then Jen went on the annual Bethlehem Peace Pilgrimage. She is one of my favorite Pilgrims.

I learned that I probably need a shave, when Lily felt my face and told me "Your chin feels like a cactus and a porcupine had a baby!"

Steve Wozniak was on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me for their "Not My Job" segment. He seemed like he was having so much fun and he is one of the reasons I proudly self-identify as a geek. We was getting so excited talking about his own nerdery (he told a story about about having six smart phones) and he seems like a really decent, fun-loving guy.

On Sunday, we went to Glendon's annual Christmas party and saw Santa there. Lily didn't want to sit on his lap, but she was fine standing next to him.

Lily is really getting into the Nightmare Before Christmas. Frederick will probably come over just to kick my ass when I mention this, but I don't actually own the movie. I used to have it on VHS, and thought I still did, but I was unable to find it. Still, we're watching little videos on youtube and Lily is really enjoying them. I'll have to get it from Netflix one of these days.

We watching "This is Halloween" when Jen came into the room and Lily said, "Don't be scared. It's just pretend." Pause. "And if they were real, my stuffed animals could fight them."

We trimmed the tree on Sunday, did a little shopping and watched Little Miss Sunshine. I was expecting to like it. I didn't. I actually disliked it.

The Wikipedia page for the movie has this account leading up to its creation: Prior to writing the script, Arndt read in a newspaper about Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking to a group of high school students and saying "If there's one thing in this world I hate, it's losers. I despise them." As a result, Arndt developed his script lampooning the thought process: "And I thought there's something so wrong with that attitude ... I wanted to ... attack that idea that in life you're going up or you're going down ... So to a degree a child beauty pageant is the epitome of the ultimate stupid meaningless competition people put themselves through." I post on a message board where one of the moderators said "I hate Nazis". This would have been cool if he were making some kind of Blues Brothers reference, but no, he was actually taking the very courageous stance of speaking out...against Nazis. And likewise, it's not hard to include something stupid and meaningless in your movie, but then you don't get any points by pointing out how stupid and meaningless it. Tim decried Juno as "quirky", but at least it was entertaining. In Little Miss Sunshine, there was no plot twist too predictable to use, no characterization too banal. The characters were unlikeable, but more importantly, they were boring. I was just very disappointed in this movie.

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