Monday, February 28, 2011

The adventures of the Big Big kids

We were driving in the car when Lily said, "I'm going to make up a story. It's about the big big kids. They're really old, like thirty."

Me: They can play teenagers in Beverly Hills 90210.
Lily: They can do anything! They can fly without wings!
Me: Wow!
Lily: They can lift up trees!
Me:They must be very strong!
Lily: They can go in the pool naked!
Me: Err...
Jen: I don't think that's actually a super power.

I wound up getting pretty sick on Friday, which was disappointing, because we were planning on getting together with some friends that we hadn't seen for a while. I threw up around noon, just a little bit and took off from work, and just kept getting sicker and sicker. I drank Lily's Pedialyte and I couldn't even keep that down. Fever of about 102, chills, disorientation, it wasn't life-threatening, but I don't get sick all that often, and it was really unpleasant.

I rallied a bit on Saturday, but not completely. Jen got Lily from Aunt Lori's and I told Lily that I could only kiss her on the top of the head because I was still sick. Lily threw me 100 "Love Bags" (imaginary little presents) and she said that each one was full of doctor's supplies to help me feel better. I managed to keep some food down, but my throat was really raw.

Jen did a wonderful job taking care of me when I was sick. She picked up a really nifty thermometer too. She played CSI with Lily to give me a little time to rest.

"What do you think, honey? Who whacked Rainbow Brite?"

I was feeling somewhat better on Sunday. Lily was curious about different parts of the eye, and I was able to answer some of her questions. (Jen is probably not pleased that I used sclera. I think it's a neat word, though.)

Sunday night, I went back to feeling very sick at night. I think I said to Jen that my throat felt like it was full of knives. I was trying to decide if I wanted to come into work or schedule a doctor's appointment. I decided that with a dentist appointment coming up later in the week, I couldn't afford to miss any time.  I can barely talk, and I'm still feeling sick, but I came in so I could lick doorknobs and sneeze on the bagels here.

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