Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Catching up on Josh's exciting life!

So it's been pretty nasty here weatherwise. I logged in to check for our local updates and the top three stories were:

Dangerous storm strikes   | Crippling ice threat   | Update: Travel nightmare 

We let Lily pick the movie for the most recent Wacky Wednesday. She wanted to see something we hadn't seen before, so I turned on the PS3 and opened the Netflix app. She told me "Type in 'Movies we haven't seen before.'" and I explained that it didn't work like that.

She wanted a My Little Pony movie, but there were none available for streaming, so we poked around until we found the next closest thing, Rainbow Bright and the Star Stealer.

Holy shit. I haven't seen this many rainbows since Robot Unicorn Attack.  Between the animation and the rainbow legwarmers, it is the quintessence of the 80s animated movie.

I looked up the plot on Wikipedia because I couldn't be bothered to pay attention to it.

Rainbow takes the mission to find Orin and later learns that Spectra is dimming as the result of a massive net being woven around the surface. The net is being made so that a selfish princess, known only as the "Dark Princess," can steal Spectra, "the greatest diamond in all the universe," for herself, and tow it back to her world with her massive spaceship. The native Sprites of Spectra, enslaved by Glitterbots under the Princess's control, are being forced to weave the net.

Heh. Glitterbots.

(When I asked Lily what was happening in the movie, she gave me an account that mapped pretty closely to that summary. On one hand, I'm glad that she's capable of following and relating things in such detail. On the other, I'm disappointed that she's wasting her time on that kind of shit.) My friend Jen has observed that there aren't a lot of good genre works for girls; that the female characters tend to be cast in inconsequential roles. I'll agree with that, and expand her observation to say that shows written for girls are written by adult men who really have no idea what girls really like.

On Friday, we went to the local Y, where they were having a "Flick and Float", where they project a movie on the far wall while you watch from inside the pool. It's a cool concept, but they couldn't dim the lights, presumably for safety reasons, so the image was of very low quality. That's okay, because Lily was all about the swimming. At first she was extremely clingy and very afraid of us letting go, but when she saw that the vest would buoy her, she was having a lot of fun swimming all over the place. She wasn't paying attention to where her legs were going and must have kicked me in the crotch about ten times. (America's Funniest Home Videos has the footage.)

Our nephew slept over. We spent four hours downloading Dead Nation and about fifteen minutes playing it before deciding it was just no fun. He just played Fallout after that.

Jen and I went to Olive Garden on Superbowl night. It was just about empty. The only people there were us and that guy from the protests in Egypt with the bread taped to his head.

Give me liberty or give me unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks!

During the week, Lily did a very cute job decorating a Valentine's Day card. We were working on dinner and we didn't even know she had the sharpie until we saw what she had written on the card. I was impressed that she has the "L" pointing in the right direction, because that's something that little kids usually screw up.

Lily was telling us about a pet dragon. While she thought it would be a bad idea to have one ("He would burn me every time he breathed!"), she said that if she did have one, she would name him Bernie (or perhaps Burny).

We lost phone and internet access at work for five hours on Tuesday. The IT guy, when trying to straighten things out and presumably believing there was no on within earshot, exclaimed "This place is a black hole of shit!"

There are some days that I agree with him. I call them "weekdays".

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