Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zombies & Stardust

I bought myself an E-Reader with my Christmas money (and a B&N gift card) and I've been pretty happy with it. I doesn't do PDFs as well as I'd like, but it's pretty decent for a wide variety of stuff. I picked up a cheap little digital copy of  The Little Mermaid: A Special Song for Lily and she enjoyed it. When we finished, it took us to the store, so I picked up a Phineas and Ferb book for her.

I thought it was just a little kid's book when I got it, but it's actually a fairly lengthy chap book aimed at older kids. This is our first time reading a book we couldn't finish in a single sitting and she's been remarkably patient and attentive for the whole thing. Lily likes Phineas and Ferb, but there's something about the show that I don't enjoy. I'm finding the book a bit more enjoyable, though, and perhaps this will be the start of a movement away from reading the same books every night.

We were driving in the car when Lily said "Did you know that we're made out of star dust?!"

And I said, "That's technically true, yes, but I can't explain it further in a way that would make sense to you."

She then said, "I'll have to make a star explode if we want to make more people!" and I replied that we have more efficient ways of going about that these days.

Later on, she made my coffee mug very happy.

I took a walk today and found a crushed car in a dumpster. That's certainly not something one sees every day. I'm trying to think of the set of circumstances where putting a car in a dumpster is the best option and I'm kind of drawing a blank.

I took some pictures, but a flying pink whale got in the way for the second shot.

Damn you, space whale!

While on that walk, I was listening to a podcast of WHYY's Radio Times, which featured an interview with Dan Drezner, author of Theories of International Politics and Zombies. He was remarkably deadpan throughout the whole thing.

They played clips from Johnathan Coulton's "Re: Your brains", Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, and Night of the Living Dead. He also referred to Dawn of the Dead as the best zombie movie ever, which makes him okay in my book.

A caller who sounded suspiciously like Frederick called in to take issue with the fact that he calls the infected in 28 Days Later "zombies". He also plugs World War Z, which I blogged about here. It was a pretty entertaining interview.

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