Friday, May 13, 2011

Cute things Lily does

She sometimes is so sweet. She told us that a little boy was her boyfriend, but she hasn't told him or anyone else in her class because she doesn't want anyone to be jealous.

We've been playing a lot of superheroes in the morning. On Tuesday, we played out a scenario where Wonder Princess (played by Lily) had breakfast with her mommy, and Wonder Princess was just so gracious and thankful for the meal. “Oh, thank you for the cereal.” “Here, let me throw out that apple core.” And I was thinking, She’s nicer to her doll family than she is to us at mealtimes.

That same play session, I observed that she was also very keen on safety gear. Wonder Princess’s mommy reminded her to put on a helmet, which was fortunate, because she was attacked by a football field sized monster from one of the cartoons. But it was just bouncing off of her because she was wearing her helmet and kneepads. Another superhero showed up and the monster jumped on her and it flattened her, and Wonder Princess was saying, “I bet you wish your wore your kneepads and helmet!”

She had another doll playing a superhero of her own creation,"Throwing Dirty Diapers Girl", whose power is exactly what it sounds like, and who somehow ascended to a leadership position in Lily's superhero organization. (She's still a better superhero than Triplicate Girl.)

Lily was using a bunch of Wizard of Oz dolls, and there was one I just couldn't figure out what character it was supposed to be.  It was like a grey cat in an old-fashioned dress. I asked her "Who is this?" and she raised her hands in exasperation and said in an extremely patronizing voice, "It's the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. You remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood, don't you?" and I was like "Jeebus, dude. Do you talk to your classmates like that? Because if so, get used to living inside your locker."

I had picked up a couple Legion of Superhero happy meal toys cheap online the other week. I gave her the heroes right away, but I held off giving her the villains, because I didn't think she would like them. I couldn't have been more wrong. Normal kids do not say "Oh, boy! You got me some SUPERVILLIANS!"

And just so you don't think it's all superheroes all the time, as Lily was walking up the stairs for bedtime, she said," I love you and mommy one hundred million and Baby Bear one hundred sixty." Pause. "A hundred million is more than a hundred sixty, right? I didn't want you to think that I loved a stuffed animal more than I loved you."

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