Sunday, May 15, 2011

Repost: The Collected Works a Finalist for the Locus Awards

Several days ago, blogger had a glitch and about twenty hours worth of posts and comments were lost across all sites using the service. Blogger has restored the missing posts, but it seems they were unable to restore the comments. This is a shame, because Chris Kovacs, who sometimes comments here, had a big announcement. I didn't want it get lost in the Genesis Scramble, but I also wouldn't want it to appear that I'm speaking for him, so I'll paraphrase it, rather than repost it verbatim.

Volume 5 of the Collected Stories (NINE BLACK DOVES) is one of the finalists for the Locus Award for Best Collection. The awards will be announced at the banquet on June 25 in Seattle. Last year the six volumes of Collected Stories were considered as one entity in the Locus poll and finished #2.

So, good news for Zelazny fans in general and Chris in particular! Congratulations!

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