Friday, July 8, 2011

"Could Matter Eater Lad eat Triplicate Girl?"

Some of the wit and wisdom of my beautiful daughter.

Our hamster Rosie died in January of 2010. Yesterday, I was checking my voice mail in front of Jen and Lily and when I was done, I asked Jen to guess who the message was from. Lily spoke up and said, "Is it Rosie? Is she ready to come back from heaven yet?"

And that was awkward.

She's becoming quite the superhero fan. Here's an actual exchange from an evening walk:

Jen: Look, there's a robin!
Lily: What?! I didn't even see his cape!
Me: Ah, I was going to make that joke!
(I'm not sure if this means Lily has a sophisticated sense of humor for her age or if I have the sense of humor of a four-year-old.)
Me: There's Robin! He's next to Batman!
Lily: Where's Batman?
Me: Next to the giant penny!
Lily: Where's the giant penny?
Me: In the Batcave!
Lily: Where's the Batcave?
Me: Beneath stately Wayne Manor!
Lily: Where's Wayne Manor?
Me: In Gotham City!
Lily: Where's Gotham City?
Me: Somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard!
Lily: Where's the Eastern Seaboard?
Jen: You two are ridiculous.

I was reading her a comic book that had an ad for the Wonder Woman series in it. She looked at the ad and asked, "Is that Wonder Woman's new costume?" I mentioned it to her once almost a year ago. While I'm impressed with her memory, I am appalled that my daughter will never know a world without a pants-wearing Wonder Woman.

Against all odds, she's really fallen in love with certain issues of the Legion of Superheroes comic book. Specifically, she likes the one where Superman goes to Mars, and encounters a group of Martian Separatists. It's actually a pretty decent issue. Still, it's funny hearing her quote their lines, "Mars for Martians!" "Long Live J'onn J'onzz!"

We were looking at the lineup in another issue of the same comic and she asked the question in the title, "Could Matter Eater Lad eat Triplicate Girl?" and I was like, "I suppose," but Jesus, she sure says some weird things.

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