Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bring Your Pet to Work Day Gallery, Part 1

Lily really enjoyed being a part of Bring Your Daughter to Work Day earlier in the year, and she asked when it was coming up next. I told her that it wouldn't be for quite a while, but that I could bring in a stuffed animal and take a picture of it for her.

I'm never sure if she'll go for these things or not until she actually responds, because she's at the age where her temperament is amazingly changeable. She latched on to this one, though, and there have been times I've been able to rouse her from her early morning torpor with a request to pick out that day's animal. 

So, today, I'm presenting a gallery of this month's stuffed animal guests at my desk. We didn't do it every day, so there are fewer than twenty images. For the friends and family reading this on the Facebook feed, click on the "View Original Post" Link at the bottom of the post, because Facebook always screws up the formatting and it's going to look better at the blog itself. 

Without further ado:

Day One: Bring Your Cow to Work Day

Celebrated on the second Wednesday in July. Easter Orthodox Bring Your Cow to Work Day is held in August, however.

Day Two: Bring Your Clownfish and Killer Whale to Work Day

This is celebrated 2 weeks earlier in Canada to honor the last snow fall of the season.

Day Three: Bring Your Donkey to Work Day

As every child knows, this is celebrated the first Friday after Bastille Day

Day Four: Bring One of Strawberry Shortcake's Friends into Work Day

Day Five: Bring a Robot Riding a Killer Whale into Work Day

As the kiddies say on the internets, your argument is invalid

Day Six: Bring Your Dragonfly to Work Day

I misplaced the little plastic dragonfly Lily gave me this morning before I left for work. I was hoping Froggy here could attract a dragonfly before the day was through. As you can see, he's going a-courtin'.

Day Seven: Bring Your Poodle to Work Day

Noodle the Poodle

More soon! 

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