Monday, August 22, 2011

Captain Ahab has to go hunt his whale

We had a pleasant weekend. I'm getting spoiled by these. On Friday, I got together with the handful of coworkers I don't want to stab and had lunch at a local Indian place that was recently rebuilt after a fire burned it down a year ago. It's called the Clay Oven, and it has the traditional clay oven, but apparently the fire was caused by an overheated laptop battery. It was pretty nice, and I was feeling stuffed well past dinner time.

On Saturday, Lily had another birthday party. Jen took her over while I manned the for to facilitate her Craig's List sale of Lily's old little kid bed. Despite it being a Craig's List sale, no one involved was axe-murdered by anyone else and it went off without a hitch.

On Sunday it was down to Cape May for a whale watch. Though we vacationed there, we haven't done it as a day trip in quite a while. We went with our friends Karen and Sherman, and they drove. I had put a bunch of PDFs on my B&N Nook, which I had picked up after Christmas, and I was really impressed with its performance. It was really responsive, and it held a charge forever.

I hadn't used it much up until then, because it couldn't read the PDFs for which I had originally bought it, and then, when I took it on our vacation, it locked up completely when I was using it to read Lily a story. I got it going again though, and I decide to give it another whirl. In the comments section, Chris had suggested the Cordwainer Smith story, "The Game of Rat and Dragon" and pointed out a link where it's available under Project Gutenberg. (Here's the link
. You should read the story. It's great.) I PDF'd the file and loaded that into the e-reader, and really enjoyed it. It doesn't seem 50 years old.

We got to Cape May and walked around for a bit and then got on board the boat. It was a three hour tour and there were several jokes along those lines. It got windy briefly and pink plastic bags were passed around for passengers to fill. Karen promised me that the whales would climb on the boat and sign autographs, but the whales never showed. (There was rain in the forecast and I think they were afraid of getting wet.) We did see some dolphins, though.

My phone got a little wet, which resulted in me taking a couple pictures like this,

I think that's my hand, but I'm not sure

but I eventually got it dried off and took a cool picture of this thing in the bay. 

I'm not sure what it is is, but it looks like it should be in Fallout: Cape May

We went to a shitty diner after the boat trip, and the crazy Greek lady harranged Karen for not cleaning her plate. I'm sorry I missed it. I had chosen that moment to use the restroom, and apparently she came up, gesturing wildly and asking in broken English what was wrong. Nothing was wrong; Karen just wasn't hungry. I'm disappointed I missed the show, though.

Then it was a trip home, where Sherman very graciously drove. I accidentally grabbed Karen's leftovers, because I thought they were Jen's, but she left behind the plastic bag with her swimming suit in it, so I guess we didn't really come out ahead there. 

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