Friday, September 9, 2011

Healing and hating school

Lily continues to heal, hate school and occasionally say some really weird things.

We were sitting around playing Legos, and within fifteen minutes she chopped up a lego person to hide the body ("How very Fargo of you"), immured another ("How very Cask of Amontillado of you") and ripped the heart out of another, ("How very Mola Ram of you") And she really is the sweetest little kid and very gentle around living things, but man, I would not want to be one of her Lego people.

We instituted an earlier bedtime and it's really working out. I don't think I'm giving away any secrets by saying that I'm Lily's favorite, but I hope someday that she'll come to understand that Jen was the driving force for every bit of progress in her childhood. She pushed to get rid of the pacifier and the bottle and the crib, and now for a more consistent bedtime, and each time, I didn't think Lily was ready, but one thing that makes our marriage work is that we support each other even if we're not sure the other is right.  Jen and I have time to decompress after she goes to sleep, plus she's up earlier and in a better mood,

We're also varying bedtime activities. Lately, Lily's wanted to play with her dolls. She's got a bunch of different stories she likes to play out, such as "Baby Trouble" (where the boy dolls try to impress the girl dolls, but are thwarted when babies start acting up) or when Scott Pilgrim tries to trick Glinda the Good Witch into marrying him, and when that fails, makes her fall asleep by singing "Teenager in Love". I'm sure most of you reading this surely played the same games when you were kids.

She's still enjoying Webkinz. Sometimes I'll play the scrabble game to earn some more money for her so she can buy some more stuff in game. I was happy that it let me spell "Herpes".

We still read comic books at bedtime, but not as much. I was looking at this cover of Scooby Doo, and I was thinking, even though it was the same formula every week, they really did have some memorable designs.

We watched Muppets from Space for our Wacky Wednesday, and Lily really dug it. I had picked her up that Wednesday, and as we were driving home, she asked about watching Danny Phantom. I rather like the show, but Jen doesn't, and it probably isn't age appropriate when you get right down to it. Lily suggested that we vote on it and she asked me to vote on her side. I think it's just adorable that she thinks our house is a democracy.

Fortunately, Jen was on the ball and she had Muppets ready to go. I hadn't seen this one, but all the Muppet movies are pretty entertaining. (I'm quite looking forward to the upcoming film!) There were elements that she didn't like, but overall, it was a hit for the whole family.

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