Monday, November 14, 2011

Weasel's Big Adventure

Lily is aware of the existence my blog, though I'm not sure how much she understands. She'll occasionally say something like "Don't post this on your blog!" but I think she's just repeating something she's heard from Jen.

However, she was very proud of some of the pictures from the weekend and she actually asked me to put them up on my blog. Who am I to say no?

For the first part of our weekend, we went up to the Steel Stacks, the cultural center that went up on the site of the old Bethlehem Steel location. The big blast furnaces are still standing and look really neat. Also, it's nice that a theater in the area is showing convenient midnight movies again.

Somebody needs to set up a Fallout LARP here.

We wound up going for a program on Native Americans, but Lily wasn't all that interested, so we just wound up doing coloring at one of the tables.

I like this sequence of pictures, because you can see the first one, she's thinking about what to do and in the second she's doing it.

Plan your work...
...and work your plan.

(I posted the second on Facebook and a friend observed that it looks like Weasel is copying off Lily's paper.)

Jen's mom was there, and she'd never been to the local casino, so they took off together and Lily and I went to our comic store to get her comics. We had a nice time there. The owner was kind enough to hold a copy of Legion: Secret Origin #1 so we got that and our free flight ring.

The flight ring was a little big for Lily, and I suggested that we loop it through a chain so she could wear it around her neck, but she decided to give it to Weasel instead. We decided that "Princess Weasel" was a member of the Legion of Super Pets.

I personally don't think this is great picture, but Lily really loves it, and this is why she wanted me to post it online.

Another shot of Weasel.

That was it for Saturday. On Sunday we went to our annual family Jump-In-The-Leaves party and Lily had a blast with her cousins. In the car, she described a crossover between the worlds of Teen Titans and Danny Phantom. (Each of the teams has a vegetarian, so they went to Raven's room and exchanged recipes.) 

Things kind of fell apart at bedtime. Between Daylight Savings Time and a couple hours of jumping in the leaves, Lily conked out before six. Had she fallen asleep an hour later, we would have let her sleep through the night, but we figured that she'd wake up in the middle of the night if she went to bed at that hour.

So we woke her up, and she was in such a grumpy mood, at one point proclaiming, "I hate everything in life!" which is such a funny sentiment coming from a pretty little girl dressed in pink.

I sat down on her bed and stayed with her as she drifted off. There's a trick to this. She's a very deep sleeper, but she's also very sensitive to us leaving if she's not all the way asleep. Jen and I have to get off the bed s-l-o-w-l-y, otherwise she'll feel the shift as the mattress rebounds. I feel like Indy with the idol on the pressure plate in the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Despite the lousy Sunday, we had a great morning. Lily was a perfect angel, and she loudly proclaimed to everyone at the bus stop that she had the best mommy in the world. Jen said she wished she could copy this morning and replay it every day.

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  1. All hail the Legion of Super Pets! All hail Princess Weasel!