Saturday, December 3, 2011

Balloon Man

Robyn Hitchcock shout out! 

We walked down to see the lightning of the Peace Candle last Friday. We parked on South Main Street and took the bridge over into PA on foot. On the way there, we saw a really drunk guy, who threw up into the river from on the bridge.  I'm not sure what the responsibilities of the bridge authority guys in the booth are, but I thought I should give them a heads up lest he fall into the river. I did and they kind of gave me the brush off, but then he came up just then and staggered through the middle of the intersection, completely oblivious to the crosswalk, so I did feel somewhat vindicated.

The candle lighting ceremony itself  was pretty decent. Lily liked being out at night after dark and she loves Christmas. (She also enjoyed the moon bounce they had there.) We'll probably make a tradition out of it.  At least until she gets too old for it. Which ties into my next point.

Ever since she came home from that hospital, we've had the little Mylar balloon that friends and family sent to us hanging on the door to her room and the wall in the hall outside. My favorite was the one with Pooh and Tigger than read "Bounce and Twirl, It's a Girl!"

Lily decided last week that she wasn't a little kid any more and asked us to take them down. That she asked this politely didn't make it any less painful. So we did and now her door looks very bare.

Later on in the weekend, we were driving to a party where she was talking about all the good things that come from the Earth, which is very important to Jen because of her background in Environmental Education and her abiding love for nature. Lily concluded her list by saying, "I love the Earth, but I love you guys most of all!"

Some days I really do think we have the best kid in the world.

I forget why we were talking planets, but Lily has a pretty decent grasp of astronomy. She mentioned that Pluto used to be a planet, which kind of impressed me. She's great at retaining information. She was editing a picture of a princess in MS Paint (she thought the princess needed lipstick), and she saw me use the eye dropper function, and she picked up on what I was doing and incorporated it into her repertoire. I hope this is a trait she keeps with her for her whole life.

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