Monday, January 16, 2012

Roger Zelazny Casting Call: Mandor

I've always liked Mandor. At first he treats Merlin like a younger brother of whom he is fond but not particularly impressed, and it's nice to see that not everyone from Amber to Chaos is wowed by this allegedly precocious wunderkind. Also, he's got a neat Trump:

I held it before me and put the others away, studying the blue eyes and the young, hard, slightly sharp features beneath a mass of pure white hair. He  was dressed all in black, save for a bit of white collar and sleeve showing beneath the glossy tight-fitting jacket. He held three dark steel balls in his gloved hand.

For the role, I think I'd like to go with Jude Law.

A good-looking fella, certainly, but he's also a talented actor, a combination that is less common in cinema than you might expect. A look at his filmography shows he's versatile, and I think he's got the both the menace

Her face grew flushed and beads of perspiration appeared upon her brow. Her eyes were still unfocused, but they brimmed with tears. A thin line of blood trickled down her chin. Mandor extended a clenched fist and opened it, revealing another metal ball. He held this one about ten inches before her brow, then released it. It hung in the air.

"Let the doors of pain be opened," he said, and he flicked it lightly with a fingertip.

Immediately, the small sphere began to move. It passed about her head in a slow ellipse, coming close to her temples on each orbit. She began to wail.

"Silence!" he said. "Suffer in silence!"

and the sense of subdued spectacle

"If one of your relatives strolls by, should I introduce  myself as a Lord of Chaos?"

"I thought you were also a Lord of Deception."

"Of course," he said, and he clapped his hands and vanished.

one finds in Mandor.

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