Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Story Review: Lovestruck

Zach was kind enough to post a link to his story "Lovestruck" in the comments section. I enjoyed the story tremendously. I think it compares favorably to The Great Slow Kings and my assessment of Lovestruck is similar to what I said about Slow Kings. It's a clever concept, executed well, and concluded before the reader gets tired of it.

Brevity is a virtue I appreciate more and more, particularly with humor stories. Nothing kills a potentially funny story faster than going on too long, but Lovestruck expertly avoids that pitfall. It's an account of the contest between Houyi, Cupid and Robin Hood to settle once and for all the question who is the greatest archer in the land.

I liked it a lot. It appealed to my sense of humor, the dialogue was punchy, the pacing was great, the descriptions were clever and the ending was very funny.

I don't know Flash Fiction's policy on direct linking, so I'll just post a link to the front page and you can find Lovestruck from there.


  1. Josh,

    Thanks for the kind words! To say I'm honored that you've compared me favorably to "The Great Slow Kings" is an understatement. (Heck, I'd be honored to be compared favorably to *any* Zelazny story.)

    Also, you appear to be the first person I've talked to who's known who Yi was, so that's cool. =P

  2. Cool. I liked the story and it's not like there's a huge amount of traffic here at the blog, but I'll be happy if I can get a couple more people to see it through my post.