Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Josh's Second Annual Roger Zelazny Haiku Month

Last April, I posted one Zelazny-themed haiku for every day of the month. They were silly and kind of crappy and haiku only in the loosest sense, (they generally had the right number of syllables, mostly distributed correctly, but rarely had any of the other criteria such as seasonal references or cutting words). However, I enjoyed the process. This worked out pretty well last year, so I'm going to do it again, one a day for every day in April.

Here's last year's collection of haiku to whet your appetite.

In April, I will
post one Roger Zelazny
 haiku every day. 

Roadmarks was fun to
read. Want to know why? Timyin 
Tin was fucking great!

(Also, he and Archie exchange haiku during their fight.)


"It looks as if white 
flowers fall upon my shroud. 
Your hands are so pale."

Timyin Tin:  

 "To leave the world in spring, 
with flower guards to honor: 
it must be peace."

Lord of Light haiku?
Just say Mahasamatman. 
You're already done!

And thousandhp posted this in the comments section. It was much better than anything I wrote:

Kalkin's Chariot
Breaking Gods against its wheels;
Yama, reins in hand.

Hey, my copy of
Wilderness finally came.
Now to review it!

Typical Josh post:
"Merlin sucks. Blah blah blah blah."
Pretty much just that.

Naked Matador
Medusa meets Hemingway
How awesome is that?

The only way to
improve Godson was to make
it a musical.

Only Zelazny
says things like "Jacobian
Demigod". (Starships)

Jack of Shadows. Lord
of Shadow Guard. Walker in 
silence and shadows .

Black, the demon horse
is neither demon, nor horse.
(It's complicated)

Kalifriki has
one too many syllables
for a good haiku.

I thought I was smart
to read just one chapter of
October per day.

(But I really wasn't. Turns out that's the way everybody reads it.)

I loved Donnerjack. 
But nobody else did. It
was awesome. Le Sigh.

Note to Hugh Glass: Aim
more carefully. Also, you
should pick better friends.

Oddball immortals
and green-eyed gods. No one else
could write them better.

Francis Sandow. Host
to Shimbo of Darktree. Half
God, half scaredy cat.

Creatures of Light and
Darkness. Fathers who are sons.
(Set's his own grandpa)

Fred Cassidy. The 
Eternal Undergrad. I
think each school has one.

No love for "To Die
in Italbar"? I like it 
more than "Eye of Cat."

The world databank
in Legion would need a
zillion punch cards.

Mafia clones in
space. ("Today We Choose Faces") 
Less cool than it sounds.

The Amber novels:
Sometimes sibling rivalry
just goes way too far.

Loki Seven Two 
Eight One. Roger commits world's
first mechanicide.

Was Benedict as
good as they say?  Corwin still
has all of his arms.

In Autumn's dark chill
In the Lonesome October
The Great Game is Held

A brotherhood of
gods. The Lokapalas are
never defeated.

Post-modern fable
of Kit, Mari, Fuji and

To deliver him, 
Dara was Oberon's tool.
Merlin's just a tool.

Green-eyed ubermench 
sought for literate sci-fi.
Smokers only please.

Hey, I wrote thirty
haiku about Zelazny.
Only took a month!

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