Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 3: Roger Zelazny haiku

Syllable count in
Damned if I know, man.


  1. Did you hear about
    Nemo's favorite space-drink?
    Home is the Tang, man.

  2. Eva dies coldly
    In the Eve of RUMOKO
    Sparking Nemo's rage

  3. It wasn't until I wrote that haiku that I realized something that seems bloody obvious in retrospect: that the title Eve of RUMOKO has two meanings. Much of the story takes place on the eve of the RUMOKO project being enacted, but Eva is the woman he loved who was killed by RUMOKO and, indirectly, by Nemo's actions to enable the project to proceed.

    The fourth volume of THE COLLECTED STORIES is being revised for reprinting, and so I should be able to add a brief note about that to the annotations.