Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gravity Falls Review: Boyz Crazy

Another really strong episode of Gravity Falls!

We open with Wendy and Dipper performing some voice overs for security camera footage in the Mystery Shack. Mabel interrupts and begins a happy dance (Dipper initially thinks she got into the Smile Dip again, which was a nice bit of continuity) about the upcoming concert featuring her favorite Boy Band, Sev'ral Timez.

"We're not threatening!" 
Robbie comes in, and Wendy is upset with him and wants to break up, but then immediately changes her mind after he plays her a song. Dipper believes she's been brainwashed by some subliminal messages and turns to Stan for help. Stan tells him how his own girlfriend Carla was stolen away from him at their "favorite 50's themed 70's diner" and agrees to help.
Note Pacifica in the background there.

Meanwhile, Mabel, Candy and Grenda have arrived at the concert, but find it sold out.

Undeterred, they sneak backstage to find that their favorite boy band is a bunch of vat grown clones, something, I think, we all suspected in the 90s.

They sneak the clones back to the Mystery Shack. Dipper and Stan notice, but they're so wrapped up in trying to uncover the subliminal messages that they ignore the five clones living in their attic.

Meanwhile their manager has tracked them down, and we get my favorite line in the episode.

"Have you seen any perfect boys around here?"
"Only when I look in the mirror. Up top!"

He leaves, but not before the goat eats his rear license plate.

Dipper and Stan are still plugging away at finding the message on the CD, until a random insult by Robbie convinces him to play it backwards. 

He was getting pretty frustrated there.

They find the hidden message, and take off for Lookout point, while Mabel learns that Ergman Bratzman, the manager, was arrested for driving without a rear license plate. Heh heh.

Mabel doesn't want to let them go, having become accustomed to having her own personal boy band,

 and she orders them to eject Candy and Grenda.

Stan and Dipper roar into Lookout Point.
"Kid! Mister Pines!"
"That's MISTER Pines to you!"
"That's what I just said!"
And Dipper frantically gets the tape copy of the subliminal messages to play. 

He does and Wendy is outraged. Robbie tries to explain that he didn't know there were subliminal messages on the song, that it was like that when he stole it from some other guy, which does not go over well with Wendy. Dipper sees his chance and asks if she wants to hang out, and Wendy angrily and understandably rebuffs him too.

Mabel sees the error of her ways and releases the clones into the wild and at the end, they serenade a deer and kiss a tree. 

This was really an outstanding episode. Probably second only to Fight Fighters for my all time favorite. It's just such a loving lampoon of the Boy Bands it's skewering that I can't help but love it.

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