Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zelazny around the web

I know that Jane Lindskold is not everyone's particular cup of tea, but I appreciate the work she did regarding Zelazny's legacy, and I enjoy her writing on her blog.

In the last couple weeks, she's had a couple posts on some of Zelazny's work, and I thought that they would be interesting reading for the folks around here, as she's in a position to offer unique commentary.

Roger Zelazny: Master of Odd Twists

The Role of the Reader's Knowledge

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  1. This is just some shameless self-promotion, but I think everyone should buy this e-book right away:

    It contains a tetrad of novellas, one of which ("Final Kill") is mine. I particularly like "Goliath of Gath" -- kind of bizarre, but a very affecting story.

    --Chris DeVito