Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Night in the Lonesome October-fest

I don't remember my first reading of A Night in the Lonesome October, but I remember every subsequent read-through. I read a chapter a day, every day in October. I thought I was so clever, but since it seems like everyone who reads the book more than once comes up with the exact same idea, it couldn't have been that clever.

This year, I'm going to chronicle my read-through, a chapter a day, and see if I have any fresh observations about the book. At the very least, I get to relive my favorite parts. Everyone who reads the site regularly is welcomed (and encouraged) to contribute your own experiences.

Bonus! While looking for the book cover for this post, I happened upon a really nice piece depciting the players from the book at this deviant art page. The rest of the page is in Russian, but the names of the characters are in English.

Very Nice Night in the Lonesome October piece


  1. I look forward to the upcoming posts!

  2. Just got my copy of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow too, which is Zelazny-esque enough that I'll cover it here. October is going to be a big month for Zelazny reviews around here.