Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shadows and Reflections Update

I really doubt that anyone gets their news about the Shadows and Reflections collection through my blog rather than directly through their Facebook page, but in the event you've missed their recent post, they've accepted several stories, set in the following universes:

  1. Changeling,
  2. Night Kings
  3. Doorways in the Sand
  4. Half Jack
  5. Lord of Light
  6. Isles of the Dead 
 I'm surprised by the inclusion of the Half Jack and Night Kings, which never struck me as particularly iconic Zelazny stories, but I'm really interested in seeing what the author might do with them.


  1. Did you ever get a response about your story, Josh? I didn't, and I'm wondering how people who don't check the Facebook page are supposed to know they've been rejected. (And, on that note, I never actually got confirmation that they even *received* my story, so how am I supposed to know it's even been read?)

  2. No, I didn't. They've been pretty responsive to inquiries on the Facebook page, and I would imagine that's the best way to get in touch, but I don't know of any other avenues.