Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 30: A Night in the Lonesome October-fest

Snuff opens the chapter by telling us that there is not a great deal to the day before Halloween in the years the Game is held. He gives an account of the building and function of the banefire:

There was not a great deal to do today. And tomorrow will likely be the same. Till night. Those of us who remain will gather atop the hill at midnight. We will bring kindling, and we will cooperate in the building of a big fire. It will serve as illumination, and into it will be cast all the bones, herbs, and other ingredients we have been preparing all month to give ourselves an edge and to confound our enemies. It may stink. It may smell wonderful. Forces will wrestle within it, play about it, giving to it a multicolored nimbus, and occasionally causing it to produce musical sounds and wailings amid its crackling and popping.
He goes into a bit more detail and concludes with the outcome.

Disasters may follow. Players may fall, or go mad, catch fire, be transformed. The Gateway may begin to open at any time, or it may await the invitation of the Opening Wand. The resistance will begin immediately. The Closing Wand will be employed, and any ancillary forces that may feed it. Eventually, at the end of our exercises, which may take only a little while, though conceivably they could last until dawn (and in such a stalemated case, the closers would win by default), the matter will be decided. Bad things happen to the losers.
Snuff sets out to find Larry, to tell him about the Great Detective, as well as what the vicar has divined. He finds Larry drugged, meditating and unresponsive. Unable to give his message, he howls and departs.

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