Saturday, December 14, 2013

Two items of Zelazny-ish news

The first is only of tangential interest to the Zelazny community at large (such as we are), but may be of interest to the readers of the site. The podcast edition of the most recent Lonesome October tribute issue is now available.

Link to Lovecraft Zine podcast archives

It's a hefty file, 220 MB, 5 hours and fifteen minutes, but it contains all the Lonesome October stories from that issue. I haven't listened yet, but the reading and recording has always been of consistently high quality over there, so I'm sure it's excellent.

The other item is that I'm difficult to shop for. My wife asked me to put together a wish list, and I did so on Amazon. I typed in "Zelazny" to see what they had, and, boy howdy is it an eclectic mix.

Spanish Language Kindle edition of Dilvish the Damned? We've got you covered.

A random t-shirt with a random quote?

By no means is it a bad quote, but it's not even in my top ten. (I don't even know if it's my top ten quotes from Guns of Avalon) I'd read something about bots putting together randomly selected text strings and offering the result for sale on t-shirts. Since the shirt isn't printed until the order is placed, they lose nothing by making thousands of these, and might hit the jackpot if something resonates. I can't help but wonder if something similar was at play here.

I also saw Zelazny Coasters

These also look like some kind of print on demand deal, where the buyer can specify a family name and have custom coasters printed out. Funny that Zelazny was the placeholder name, though.

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