Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sumdog Millionaire

Yeah, yeah, predictable title. I know.

Sumdog is a site Lily's school uses to practice math at school. With her login, she can use the site at home as well. By solving math problems, kids earn coins to spend on their avatars. Every so often, they go up a rank. Everyone starts as a brown rat, and they go up through the ranks, they level up to the next animal, going  through common chimpanzee to blue whale to dhole to harpy eagle, or however the progression goes.

That was my first surprise. Apparently the dhole is a real animal. It's some kind of wild dog from Asia. It's kind of cute.


The only dhole with which I was familiar was the one from the Cthulhu Mythos, the miles-long nightmare worm monsters, which I had to admit, would have been an unusual choice for an intermediate rank in a children's math game.

Ahhh!!!...Not Cute!
It's nice. Lily enjoys math and she enjoys the games and dressing up her avatar. I'm surprised to see problems that amount to elementary algebra at her level.

Solve for paw

Overall, it's a decent tool for a parent, and I like to be able to track her progress.

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