Thursday, March 13, 2014

What Josh Reads: Blogs, part two

Jane Lindskold: Jane Lindskold's fiction doesn't appeal to me. That's not a comment on the merit of her books, but rather an observation that her solo works hold no particular resonance for me. That's fine. Different strokes for different folks, and she's got plenty of other fans. Plus, she's got a lifetime supply of goodwill from me for completing Donnerjack, and for the work she has done in safeguarding Zelazny's legacy. Also, I really like her blog. It has a wonderful, conversational tone and some interesting insights into the life of a professional writer. Yup, Ken Jennings, the Jeopardy champ. He posts logic puzzles, updates about his books and has a very sly sense of humor.

Let the Weird Times Roll: My best friend's blog! Tim is New Hampshire's number one authority on Calvin and Hobbes (click here to hear him on the radio). Seldom updated since he drank the Twitter Kool-Aid and became unable to express himself in more than 140 characters, but always fun when he does.

Lurking Rhythmically: A peculiar but engaging mix of ponies, guns, the Traveller RPG and invocations against Strygalldwir, in about that order.

Neil Gaiman's Journal: This is Neil Gaiman's blog. If you're reading a blog dedicated to the works of Roger Zelazny, you know who Neil Gaiman is. I don't know how he has time to write between all the stuff he does.

News From ME: In my opinion, one of the very best blogs online about any subject. Mark Evanier has been working in the comic and animation industries for decades. He worked for Jack Kirby, worked at Hanna Barbara when they were producing their most memorable properties (like Scooby Doo). He collaborated with Sergio Aragon├ęs on Groo and he seems to have known everyone in the industry, because whenever a famous person passes away, he's right there with a loving and respectful anecdote. He's absurdly prolific and I don't know how he gets any work done in the real world, because the blog usually has five or six posts during the day.

Oakheart at I can't remember how I started following this blog. Though she's best known as an artist, she's also worked as a writer for video games and tabletop RPGs. She's working on Wasteland 2 (and had been one of the forces behind the original). Though the blog is infrequently updated, it's worth reading, as she's got a lot of experience in all manner of fun, geeky things.

Reversing the Polarity: This is my friend Jen's blog. Though she's profoundly wrong about which Doctor was the best, her episode recaps are certainly worth reading. (She started at Hartnell and is working her way through at about a post a week.) She also posts about baking, photography and vandalizing Edgar Allen Poe's grave.

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