Monday, August 11, 2014

Which is like being sick, but not knowing what hurts

Recently, Lily was flipping through a book someone had given her. Like me, she has a million books, so it's not that unusual to have a book of unknown provenance. She was saying that it all seemed so sad, and that if it didn't have one picture of a cat that looked like our cat lifting weights, she would want to throw the book away. Then she read one of the sad things as an example,

which struck me as just about the best way possible to articulate Depression to children.

I've been pretty down in my personal life lately, as my increasingly frequent word salads of nerd rage show, but I'm going to try to turn this around by writing a series of posts about things I enjoy.

But, first, a kitten lifting weights!


  1. That looks like the best book ever! What's the title?

  2. The Blue Day Book for Kids, by Bradley Trevor Greive.