Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Night in the Lonesome October Re-released!

Wow, two Zelazny posts in two days. This blog is almost living up to its original purpose.

I've just learned from Zach Shephard, fellow Zelazny enthusiast, that A Night in the Lonesome October has been re-released.  Amazon is selling it at this link:

A Night in the Lonesome October (Rediscovered Classics)

According to Amazon, the official release date is October 1st, but I placed an order just now, and the confirmation indicated a Thursday arrival.

Ideally, place your order through the Lovecraft eZine's Amazon portal. They've published two Lonesome October tribute issues (First Issue, Second Issue), and they've done a lot to spread the word about the book.


  1. Just a quick update, the book is in fact now available, even though the listing says October 1st. Mine arrived in the mail today.

  2. This looks like it will be fun: Jane Lindskold has organized a twitter book club / discussion group for A Night in the Lonesome October. It will begin October 1st and the hashtag will be #LonesomeOctober

    See the details at:


    1. Some friends badgered me into joining Twitter, and I did, some time ago, but it was never my cup of tea, probably because I can't even clear my throat without using 140 characters. However, this looks like it could be a huge amount of fun. I'll certainly follow along, and maybe even participate if I can wrap my head around this whole Twitter thing. Thanks so much for the tip!