Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Preview: Seven No-Trump

I picked up this book in order to review it. I figured it couldn't be too bad. Zelazny wrote the introduction, and he always took care with Amber.

Holy shit, this is awful. I don't even know if the review is going to be anything more than a list of things that are wrong with this book. It's atrocious.

Why didn't someone warn me?!


  1. Crossroads Adventure? Is that like Choose Your Own Adventure? Am I going to get to walk the Pattern with the wrong turn of the page equalling certain annihilation? Can't wait to be disappointed!

    1. I thought it was going to be a CYOA, but it turned out to be closer to the Lone Wolf adventure books. You have ability score, there are hit points and items to track, and sixteen pages of rules.

    2. Josh, all I can say is that I judged this book by its cover and a glance at a few pages. I've never read it. I'm delighted to know from your experience that my impression was correct.